Here we are, Dear Nemesis! The band, the cult and the brotherhood established in 2007 by its founding members Tuomas Nakari and Miikka Eriksson. Along the years’ war raged hard and many of our comrades didn’t survive. The almighty trinity of job, marriage and haste took a great toll. The all demanding Nemesis lurked at every shadow with sharp and smiling teeth. But we fought hard, didn’t we brothers!

Promo 2014 2

In spring 2010 Dear Nemesis was on its deathbed. Only a couple of soldiers, Tuomas and Sami (Sundqvist), were still there to keep the heart pumping. It needed quick blood transfusion to survive. Summer came and brought salvation. Jani Tossavainen and Pasi Eskelinen joined the sect and a new era started. At Christmas time 2010 this brotherhood, this cunning machine was fully operational, when its final member Jari Antikainen joined the band.

Next couple of years Dear Nemesis gigged actively and recorded couple of new demos; “A Day Before Tomorrow” and “Last Step Aside”. Due to different opinions on bands musical direction - towards more progressive style - and personal ambitions, both Jani and Pasi left Dear Nemesis by mutual agreement with the rest of the band. The single “For God And Country” included Jani still on drums and Jari recording the bass parts.

At January 2013 new drummer Mikael Leinonen joined Dear Nemesis and couple of months later bassist Sauli Partanen completed the line-up again, allowing us to do more gigs and record “The Government” single.

In autumn 2014 Dear Nemesis took s bold step and hired Katja Nakari for its lead vocalist after Sami’s resignation. With many new songs and never ending persistence our band was once again ready to rise from ashes like tainted phoenix. This line-up recorded Dear Nemesis' latest EP “New Grounds”.

During the 2015 Mikael left Dear Nemesis due to other commitments. Weeks turned into months and months into a year as we looked far and wide, but finally our perseverance and persistence was paid off when we found Anson Aguirre Firth to fill the drummers position.